RAF Tengah, RAF Changi Singapore

The RNASU at RAF Tengah were responsible for major servicing and massive MOD programmes on Buccaneer Mk1 aircraft required for exchange with carrier borne aircraft operating in the area during the Indonesia-Malaysian Confrontation. In 1961 a Buccaneer Mk1 was transported by ship from the UK to RAF Tengah for Hot Weather Trials to be carried out. Lt Cdr Spafford (MTP) & Lt Tony Walsh (Obs) from C Squadron carried out the first trials. We were recently supplied with the Changi 'Royal Naval Aircraft Support Unit' Crest by Dave Waller who received it from 'Buck' Taylor in 1974, but at least it finally reached us. For those that want to know 'Nullus Die Sine Linea' means 'Not a Day without a Line' although I think it was meant to be writing lines and not Aircraft Lines.

Lt Cdr Spafford was Officer in Charge of the RNAHU at RAF Tengah responsible to C in C Far East Fleet from 1962 until 1965 when he was replaced by Cdr Maconochie and the RNASU moved to RAF Changi.

If anyone can supply me with a history or photos of Tengah/Changi RNASU I'd be very grateful!

Commanding Officers

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Lt/Cdr Trevor Spafford MTP (All Aircraft types) & OIC RN 1962-65
Cdr . Maconochie MTP (Except Buccaneer) & OIC RN 1965 -
Lt A Carr (Paddy) MTP (Sea Vixen/Hunter) RN 1962-65
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AHU  Personnel
Surname First Name Nickname Rate/Rank Start End Email
Brodie Bob   REM(A) 1966 1968 Yes
Duhig Peter   Mech 1 (A/E) 1962 1965 Yes