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On the 11th June 1967, 736 Squadron members took part in a Darts Marathon to raise a significant amount of money for Local Charities; the object was to achieve a 'Million and One Up'. Below is a picture of the team. Andy Fleming finished the game on Double One.

Top Row Left to Right: Ian (Jock) McCabe, Andy Fleming, Taff Bayliss, Danny McNeill

Bottom Row Left to Right: Brian (Kipper) Herring, George Lowrie, Ginge Lewis, Soapy Watson; Jacko Jackson is still playing (Rear of Picture)

In June I received a note, via the Guestbook, from Robin Clay who was at Loughborough College of Advanced Technology in 1961 when they created the record for a "Million and One up" at darts (No one had done it before). He was not a member of the team but seems to remember that this record was broken within weeks, possibly by an RAF Team based in Cyprus.

Since June I have spoken with Ray McIlroy who has given me a newspaper picture from HMS Sanderling (Now Glasgow Airport) also known as Royal Naval Air Station Abbotsinch. The text with the picture suggests that the eight man team scored 1,000,001 at darts in a total time of 15 hours 6 minutes at "the weekend" (July 1962) to beat the record then held by the Royal Army Pioneer Corps of 19 hours and 25 minutes. So again I will leave it up to members (and others) to come up with more information that will help us understand who did what (& when)

If you want to comment on these events which featured heavily in the Navy News and the Press & Journal and gained an entry in the Guiness  Book of Records, please use the Guestbook.

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809 SQUADRON 1974 or 1978

Mike Tyler ex 809 would like to know if any one recognises the lads in these photos from either 1974 or 1978, answers to mike.tyler@hotmail.co.uk You can view the images full size by clicking on the thumbnail pictures.


One member of the mess is missing can you name him and the CPO's in this photo.  Get back to me with your answer and I will tell or confirm on receipt.     Sharks Bennison

Did you get any of the 2H2 Mess Members? and Where are they now?

Back Row: John Sargent, Dick Trapnell, Ted Pyle, George Slapp, Jumper Collins, Henry Gau, Charlie Mays.

Middle Row: Pete Gibson, Tony Lem, Eric (Sailor) Watson, Peter (Farmer) Heath, Geoff Howard, Dave Jenkins, Walter Pidgeon.

Front Row: Eddy Partridge, Sharky Bennison, Derrick (Blood) Reid.

Missing Mess Member: Bill Forrest

All ex Buccaneer CREWS we need your help, Beware Big Pics (Article on PPRuNe)

This is the start of a message board on PPRuNe (Professional Pilots Rumour Network, Military Aircrew)


Trumpeter are going to produce a kit in 1/32 scale (we think) that will be huge but can someone tell me for them, this is the info at the moment we are after;


"The Bucc had 2 different wingtips, and I've only been able to find a possible drawing of the short version in a (probably wrong, ironically) magazine. Before I pass the information on, can anyone please confirm who used, when, and how, the two different tips"


For more info.........and to view the pictures.............






Keith Dugan has asked me to publish this photograph to see if anyone recognises themselves or knows (and can name) any person in this class photograph. Also, do you know the Instructor or the date it was taken?

Update from Alexander Muir (17.06.2013)

Alexander has emailed to say he thinks the Wren on the right is Mary Williams who worked on the SAR as part of Station Flight although he doesn't mention which base.

Update from Alan Dowsett (22.05.2013)

Alan who is in the photo contacted me to rectify two errors of incorrect identity (Pete Fuller & Jed Dailey) and to identify himself and Andy Luck.


Update from Catherine Davies (Nee Higgins) (5.3.2013)

Thanks to Catherine Davies who has been in contact and has given me one correction and has identified herself, Thomas Bayes and the other Wren "Mary". She also let me know it was taken in the winter of 1967. The photo can also be seen on Catherine's Blog at http://www.pilgrimpath.net/?p=459


Update from John Carp (ex POAEM(WL))

Looking at the photo I am almost certain that the CPO is Jeff Morris, he was up at Condor and moved down to Daedalus when training transferred. I knew Jeff when we were both part of the Exped Training Section, Jeff was a instructor and I was the storeman; I bumped into Jeff again at Lee whilst on a Weapons Conversion Course in 1980, he was then a Civilian Instructor.

What do we know? Well the old style Bell-bottoms were replaced in 1977 by Flared trousers; the person bottom row on the right is wearing an AH(1) badge so must be a retread changing Branch. Keith seems to think the person in the middle row, second in from the right was on 800 Sqdn about 1970-1972. HMS Condor became a Royal Marine Base on 4th September 1970.

How did he get this photo? it somehow ended up in his drawer at the time he finished working at HMS Sultan; but he doesn't know how.

Click on the image to see an even larger copy of the photograph, you will have to use the mouse to assist in seeing the whole image.

All answers to Phil Glover at philglover@faaba.co.uk


Gary is trying to contact old oppos from 809 who may remember him; he joined the RN in April 1964 as a JNAM(O) and was drafted to Lossiemouth in Jan 1965 after Pt2 training at RNAS Arbroath. at Lossie he joined 736 Sqdn as a armourer in Sept 1965 before being posted to 809 Buccaneer Squadron in April 1967 and aboard HMS Hermes until October 1969. Gary took Voluntary Redundancy from the Navy in June 1970.

Gary lives in West Australia (Since1990) and is now retired. He would like to connect with those who remember him. Contact details can be obtained from Robin Harper, Buccaneer Association Secretary. Select the Committee Button on the LH Menu,

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