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For those of you who have not heard of Vic Warrington, his story is available to read on pdf by clicking on the image below. A fascinating story of a boy from Derbyshire who joined the Royal Navy and ended up in Australia (later). Like all good sailors his health is not brilliant but he is hanging in there. Read on........

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If you would like to contact Vic - Please contact Dave Clark at his email address (bottom of page)



Thanks to all who attended the Fulmar 2012 Reunion, all the feedback so far suggests this was even better than the last one.

Most guests managed to get around the local area and visit old haunts and see how things have changed.

Dave and Stacey organised a walk on Sunday from Findochty to Cullen and return. It was very well attended so obviously there were some survivors from the Saturday's nights festivities. The walk took in the natural fog followed by bright sunlight and for those with good eyesight Dolphins in the bay, pictures of the walk are in the photograph database (Menu on left)

Dave Clark said that we pulled in a few new faces and made some new friends, that's what a weekend is all about. So come on and start booking for the RCH this June.

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Stan Akers, Pete Morris and Bob Burnell view images from El Adem



The National Arboretum situated near Burton on Trent is managed by the British Legion and is open daily to anyone free of charge. Situated within the gardens is the FAA memorial in the shape of an aircraft carrier which the FAABA has helped fund. This is a permanent memorial to everyone who has ever served in the FAA and if anyone is in the area a visit is much recommended. It is very important to remind future generations of the role of the FAA in Britain’s history and we, as an association and member of the Fly Navy Federation will contribute to it’s upkeep. In the early months of 2013 we will be commissioning a plaque which will be placed alongside the memorial with those of the other FNF associations. When finished it is intended to hold a dedication ceremony to lay the stone. If anyone is interested in attending please contact Dave Clark to express an interest and when the date has been finalised he will contact you with details and an invitation.





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Following a very successful reunion to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of HMS Fulmar being handed over to the RAF over the weekend of 22/24th June 2007 it was decided that we would proceed with the formation of an independent association away from the Buccaneer association who had organized the 2007 event. This would then open up the membership criteria to anyone who had served at Fulmar in any capacity at any time. As the attendance at the 2007 event was just over 220 it was felt that this was enough of a start to begin to recruit and build up a membership database. With the FAABA members who has served at Lossiemouth included, the membership potential was already in excess of 300 people. Hughie Williams who lives in Elgin has offered to act as Chairman and Dave Clark has agreed to act as Secretary. However if anyone wishes to volunteer their services in any capacity in the meanwhile I for one will not object!

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Presentation of an engraved bell to the WO & SNCO’s Mess HMS Fulmar

Dave Clark, who was secretary of the FAABA, returned to the WO & SNCO Mess on the 23rd July 2008 and presented WO Dianne McLeish, the CMC, with a beautiful brass hand bell as a thank you to the mess for allowing them to hold this memorable function here. Dave once again acknowledged that the mess had been excellent hosts for the evening and the members of the association had been delighted at having the opportunity to return to RAF Lossiemouth after such a long period. Mr Hughie Williams the Chairman, of the recently reformed HMS Fulmer Association also attended the presentation. The CMC rang the bell to celebrate its arrival and to signal “Toofers” before placing it behind the Top Bar (the old Petty Officers Mess) where hopefully it will be rung many more times by the members of the mess


Dave Clark, Diana McLeish (CMC RAF Lossiemouth) and Hughie Williams


Fulmar Association Committee
Chairman and Social Secretary Jimmy Gardiner 01542 489477


General and Membership Secretary

Dave Clark

07766 098065

01542 649093