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Interested in the groups who played at the Two Red Shoes in the 1960's whilst you were serving at RNAS Lossiemouth, click on the link below to take you to the Two red Shoes website (Preview above)


For those of you interested in how the Two red shoes started, you will find items about the history of the Two Red Shoes at David mills Blog (now unavailable);


Two Red Shoes Info

Albert Bonici Bio

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'Two Red Shoes' link with the Beatles.

 The Beatles began their first tour of 1963 with a performance at the Two Red Shoes Ballroom, Elgin, Scotland, on 3 January.

 The Two Red Shoes opened as a jazz venue on 28 July 1960. The Beatles' Scottish tour had been booked in November 1962 by Jack Fallon at the Cana Variety Agency. The Beatles earned £42 a night.



3 January 1963


We have received the following email from the FNF regarding recent FAABA Donations that were originally agreed at the AGM last year (See Association minutes in the Members Section)

From: Phil Carpenter

Sent: 26 March 2016 14:52
To: Stanley Brian; Robin Harper
Subject: Thanks from the FNF

Dear Brian, Robin and all of the FAABA members,

Although rather overdue, this is just a quick note on behalf of Admiral Chris and the whole Fly Navy Federation to say thank you for the very generous cheque towards the NMA FAA Memorial extension that you handed over at the meeting last month. 

It is very much appreciated, and I hope that we can instruct the stonemasons to start the work later this year.  The memorial really will be a very long lasting legacy, and the cheque helps put that in place.  It is great to have the financial ball rolling, and your cheque helped to get it moving nicely! 

I really enjoyed the meeting and social, and very much look forward to the next….


Phil Carpenter


Fly Navy Federation



I don't know if you are all aware that the South African Air Force also had an association with RNAS Lossiemouth. In 1962 South Africa placed an order for 16 Buccaneer aircraft which was known as the Buccaneer S MK50. In January 1965 the first four crew members started their conversion course on the Buccaneer S.1 and then when our first S MK50 was delivered on 25 May 1965 they converted onto this type and the rest of the crew and ground crew joined them. On 27 October 1965 they departed with the eight Buccaneers then delivered for the long delivery flight to South Africa where they landed at Air Force Station Waterkloof near Pretoria on 3 November 1965. The delivery flight was however not without drama. One of the Buccaneers went down on 3rd leg of the flight between Sal island and Ascension Island which led to a huge S&R mission for the downed aircrew. They spent about 30 hours at in the open ocean with SAAF Shackletons circling above, they were eventually picked up by a Dutch Freighter the 'Randfontein' on its way to Cape Town. A reunion will be held at the SAAF Museum at Swartkop AFB on 7 November 2015 to commemorate the landing of the first Buccaneer on 3 November 1965. Ten of the original sixteen aircrew will attend the function as well as some of the original ground crew members.

Photo of the SAAF Buccaneers lined up at RNAS Lossiemouth on 27 October 1965 for the delivery flight to South Africa.

Some of the 24 Sqn ground crew members at Buccaneer 413, the first SAAF Buccaneer to be delivered from the Brough factory on 25 May 1965.

Johan Conradie is involved in research to help produce a book on the Buccaneer in SAAF service and he says photos of their guys at Lossiemouth are very scarce. If anyone has memories of the South African Personnel at Lossiemouth and if possible has pictures of 24 Squadron at there, please get in touch with Phil Glover and he will put you in touch with Johan.



Pictures from the installation of the HMS Fulmar Ships Bell at the Fisheries & Heritage Museum in Lossiemouth, Morayshire. It was originally envisaged that it would be presented to the Covesea museum in June during our reunion, but unfortunately the Covesea museum will not be finished in time. The F & H Museum agreed to put it on display until the Covesea museum is completed. Alan & Vicky Breward carried out the epic journey to deliver it and other local ex FAA came together to install it in the museum. Dave Clark has written a short history of the bell, click on the link below.

The Ship's Bell - HMS Fulmar



For those who have been waiting for their chance to purchase this video tribute to HMS Fulmar, it is now available to order. There are only limited quantities available so it won't be on sale for ever and I suggest that if you want a copy send an email to as soon as possible; the price will depend on where you need it delivered to.