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2022 has been a successful season having had our best year to date both in terms of footfall and donations received both of which have more than doubled from the previous year. I have been contacted by various sources requesting information ranging from FAA Dsplay Teams, Aircraft Incidents, Mountain Rescue activities to the history of the ATC (which is due to be replaced in 2024) A record number of Cadets have visited and the lighthouse has been booked as a wedding venue several times (one couple signed the book in front of the ship's bell after getting married on the beach). The accounts are in a healthy position and we have little liabilities other than the cost of the upgrade to the car park which it is hoped will be done before the new season commencing April 2023. (Funds from the filming of The Crown are paying for this)
The cottages have averaged well over 70% occupancy over the year and have been very profitable. The Lighthouse has been completely repainted and this is expected to last for a minimum of 15 years.
Relations with the station's History Room have improved and we have been exchanging photos and information on a regular basis thanks mainly to the helpful attitude of the new Head Guide (who is actually ex Army).
There is a concern going forward and that is the projected cost of our energy bill in 2023. At the moment it has been forecast to increase by over 400%. As charities are classed as businesses there is no Government help at the present and the concern is that any rent increases to cover the rise in energy costs would price the cottages beyond regular rental opportunities, This is a concern for the lighthouse and cottages in the main as the CHC has solar panels which cover some but not all of the bill.
The Centre is open each weekend from April to October and by pre appointment at times mutually arranged. Please contact Dave Clark on 07766 098065 or Chris Tuke on 01343 835537.

Dave Clark


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The Centre comprises two attractions, the Covesea lighthouse and the FAA/RAF HeritageCentre both of which are owned by CLCC Ltd which was formed and wholly owned by the Lossiemouth community with the specific intention of purchasing the lighthouse and surrounding land after it was decommissioned by the Northern Lighthouse Board. Additional funds were raised to purchase the adjoining land including the original well and Steading, complete with the Blacksmith shop, stable and byre. CLCC has appointed a board of directors which manage and administer the company.

We open the centre every weekend from April until October and also open by request atother times when asked. The Saturday openings coincide with trips up the lighthouse which need to be booked in advance and are proving very popular. The two attractions work together with lighthouse visitors encouraged to meet in the Centre prior to their trip up to the top. The CHC also sells lighthouse related merchandise as well as service themed items.

Our reference library is building up well and we have received and supplied answers to quite a few queries over the year. These have come mainly from relatives of aircrew who were involved in aircraft incidents and accidents and we have a list of all such incidents from 1945 to current date (the FAA Officers Assn website is also a useful tool). Recent additions I have created this season include HMS Fulmar Squadron and Unit Folders which detail stories and photos relating to the individual units and four folders containing Tugg cartoons together with his life story. I am also working on the sports and social side of Fulmar with articles on the Mountaineering and sailing club and a history of groups who played in the Fulmar club and surrounding clubs (Two Red Shoes etc). The Winkle Brown exhibition is more or less complete with various artefacts (thanks to Navy Wings) and a running video of his life story.

We are waiting for BAE Systems to send up a jig for a Tornado tail fin which we have been allotted. Morayvia have loaned us a Martin Baker ejection seat and we recently acquired the HMS Eagle flight deck which was used by the mobile Recruiting Team. (Funny what you find in some folks loft!!)

The outside landscaping is still WIP, it has been backfilled with top soil donated by a local building developer and this has been seeded and is growing nicely. This grassed area will hopefully be used for outside catering events, and the FAABA will be hosted during their reunion in 2020, with a BBQ and Hog Roast, and visit to the centre and lighthouse tours also being offered. The Centre hosted over 1,300 visitors during the last financial year and donations have exceeded running costs. The charity also own and receive an income from the two lighthouse cottages which are available for holiday rental. Reservations are made through the National Trust for Scotland ( ).

Dave Clark.