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For those of you not living in the UK who would like to view the Remembrance Service please use the following link.

(About 1 hour 35 mins)

Alan Breward took pictures of the FAA groups as they lined up ahead of the Remembrance March Past, at Horse Guards Parade and afterwards at the FAA Memorial. Use this link to view them:



Alan says he apologises if you are not in the pictures but stand forward next year?


Alan Breward Fleet Air Arm Buccaneer Association.



Mario Cacciottolo  has sent a letter to various FAA organisations as he is trying to contact veterans involved in the Torrey Canyon Bombing during 1967. If anyone can offer advice on tracking down veterans involved in this incident, or they themselves were involved please contact him at A full copy of the letter can be downloaded or viewed by clicking on the image.

Those who weren't at Lossiemouth but were involved at Brawdy or Yeovilton may also want to contact Mario with their experiences.




If you would like to join the Association at Horse Guards Parade on the 9th November we have a few spare tickets, please contact Brian Stanley, first come first served (Contact details at bottom of page). Tickets for anyone who has already requested one have been sent out, only contact Brian if you don't receive them this week. 

If you are intending to join other like minded people and march past the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday (9th November) then Brian Stanley would like a list of names prior to the end of October in order to finalise all the details. On the day he will have spare tickets in his pocket for a RV with any late bookers, currently 13 people have let him know they expect to attend.

The rough plan.....

  • Saturday evening RV in the U.J.C. for drinks and informal supper with the Sea Harrier contingent

  • Sunday morning having had... meet up in Trafalgar square southwest of Nelsons column at 08:45 ish (There are a couple of coffee shops across the road) and hand out any latecomers tickets

  • 09:00 I have to go around to Horse Guards Parade Ground (HGPG) to collect our Platoon marker flag and fall in as the FAABA RH marker in RN/FAA column

  • 09:30 Platoon forms up/mills about/shares a nip or two on HGPG

  • 10:00 Parade falls in

  • 10:10/10:50 march out of HGPG into Whitehall and form up on the road facing  the Cenotaph – throw some abuse at the Crabs/Pongos

  • 11:00 - 2 min silence

  • 11:05:11:30 March past Cenotaph, “Eyes left” to the Queen, present wreath, march on down and around and back onto HGPG after giving “Eyes right” to the Royal (TBA on the day) on the Dais. (I only have to give a few orders but getting those two correct last year eluded me....) right wheel at the Citadel onto HGPG

  • On arrival await for the parade to end

  • 12:40 ish Form up as the Fleet Air Arm Column and march out of HGPG back across Whitehall to the Embankment and the FAA memorial for a short Ceremony and presentation of the association wreaths

  • Fall out. In the past we have gone down to the Tattersall Castle (Gin palace) which is moored against the embankment about 200 yds away for lunch and drinks.



View from the dockside on 28th June 2013

Twin Islands seen on 29th June 2013


Aerial view of the Dry Dock at Rosyth showing both Islands

820 Squadron get impatient

Both Islands are now in place, the Ski Jump is being fitted together with the catwalks. Accommodation has been found at the ex HMS Caledonia in Rosyth for the crew as they start to arrive and prepare the ship. Work continues within the ship to complete the connections between the various modules

Click on pictures to view full size

Click here to Read/Download the May 2012 edition of Carrier Waves

Click on the link above to see the Main Bow Section LB02 being brought into the dock ready for the bulbous Bow to be installed.


Left click on image to see full size or to download and print

This message from Jimmy Andrews has been passed to me in case any members of the FAABA remember him.

One of our Field Gun Association members has recently Crossed the Bar, his name was Bert Stubbs who was a few days short of his 75th birthday. As far as I know he did not serve on Buccaneers but was on 800 Sqdn Scimitars in the early 60's. He is probably best remembered for being a top Squash player, having achieved RN, Combined Services and England B status.

His funeral will take place at St Faiths Church, Lee on Solent, at 1330 on Thursday 22nd January.

More information is available from Jimmy Andrews (Number on request from Phil Glover)



12th Jan 2015. Wee Maclauchlan has recently posted a message on Facebook to state that "May", the Wife of Douggie Jones (Coulard Landlord in the 1960's) has passed away in the last few days at the grand old age of 85, people have been posting their memoirs of May on Facebook, it's amazing what trivia we remember. RIP May and I'm sure our members will raise a glass to you.


The Buccaneer Association have been made aware that ex Buccaneer Chief Tiff 'Armourer' Ron Parsons has recently Crossed the Bar. For those who may wish to attend his funeral or the Wake please email by the 24th May and I will ensure the message gets passed to Jim Moulson who is co-ordinating.

The funeral is being held at The Oaks Havant Crematorium at 15:15 on the 30th May (The Oaks details, Postcode P09 5NA, )

A Wake is being held at the Brookfield Hotel, Emsworth, Hants (Details, Postcode P010 7LF, )

The family have asked for No flowers, but donations to be made to the RNBT.



I have just heard that ex 800 Squadron engineer & Field Gun Crew Member Bill Copeland has Crossed the Bar.

His funeral will be held at 1000 on Friday 6th February at Salisbury Crematorium. There will be a short service followed by a Celebration of his life at St Michael's Church at the Army Aviation Centre, Middle Wallop. Refreshments after in the Sergeants Mess. RIP Bill.



Tina Cullen, Verger at the FAA Memorial Church has posted the following message:

Following on from last year’s successful get together of Associations, we would like to invite you and your members to join us on Palm Sunday (13 April) for a service of Holy Communion which will include the traditional Palm Sunday Procession, the blessing of any Standards present and prayers for members who have died in the year since the last service. In good, Church of England tradition, there will be tea and cake available after the service!

Last year we had good attendance due to the Junglie Association being in the area following their AGM. This will not be the case this year so we would really appreciate your support in sending representatives of your Association to this, YOUR church. 

Below are images of the ceremony held on Sunday 13th



The 2013 Reunion was held at the Royal Court Hotel at Coventry from Friday 7th June until Sunday 9th June.

All the pictures from Alan Breward, Robin Harper & Phil Glover of this year's reunion are now on-line; use the quick links below.

Friday Night Pictures   Saturday Night's pictures    Sunday's Pictures (NMA)



A Humanist Service without Hymns was held at Yeovil Crematorium on Friday the 16th May for ex Buccaneer Engineer & FAABA Member Ivan Towner.

Ivan was proud of having served in the Fleet Air Arm and of being a member of the FAABA and his family invited all his ex colleagues to take part in the service to remember him.

The family have allowed the association to post a copy of the Order of Service on the website for those former colleagues and friends from across the world. who were unable to attend.

  Cover   Inside  



We are sorry to have to announce that Ex 809 Engineer and FAABA Member J. D. Brown has Crossed the Bar. He was found passed away in his accommodation in Ilchester recently after the Police forced entry to the premises.


Some pictures taken by Royal Navy Photographers & other when the Queen Elizabeth arrived in New York yesterday 19th October.


Christmas is certainly looming, but the memorable (even if sometimes difficult to remember afterwards!) event that is Taranto Night is even closer.
To help you look your best, Navy Wings are offering the members of all the Fleet Air Arm Associations within the Fly Navy Federation a special one-off 20% discount on Fleet Air Arm related clothing accessories.Anything in the ‘Fleet Air Arm’ collection on our web shop will be discounted by 20% if you enter the code ‘TARANTO20’ as you pass through the checkout.

From head to toe:
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• Lapel pins
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• Cummerbunds
• Braces
• Belts
• Watch straps
• Cufflinks
• Socks
• And even an umbrella in case it’s raining on the night
• etc
Also just the ticket for reunions, other commemorations and for Christmas presents (including for other people!).

This code can be used as many times as you like before the OFFER ENDS ON OCTOBER 31st.



The Fleet Air Arm Memorial Church


"On Eagle's Wings"

To mark the centenary of the Royal Naval Air Service

 and to

commemorate the centenary of WW1


HMS HERON Volunteer Band

To be held at the Fleet Air Arm Memorial Church

Pyle Lane, Yeovilton, Somerset, BA22 8EX

Thursday 19th June 2014

Doors open 7.00pm for 7.30pm start

Tickets £10 per head to include a glass of wine and nibbles

All proceeds to the FAA Memorial Church

Download Poster



809 NAS is to be resurrected as the first Royal Navy formation to fly the Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.

809 Naval Air Squadron, whose motto is simply ‘Immortal’, is to be reformed to operate the fifth-generation stealth aircraft that will fly from the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth Class carriers from 2018.

The Lightning II aircraft will be jointly operated by pilots from the Fleet Air Arm and the Royal Air Force.
Earlier this year, it was announced by the Chief of the Air Staff that the famous 617 ‘Dambusters’ Squadron would be the first RAF squadron to fly the jets. Both Royal Navy and RAF pilots are already training on the Lightning II aircraft alongside the US Marine Corps at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.
809 Naval Air Squadron, which dates back to the Second World War, has been selected by the First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir George Zambellas, because of its history of striking at the enemy in operations across the globe. In previous incarnations, aircraft from the squadron supported an attack on Hitler’s flagship, supported the invasions of North Africa, Italy and southern France during the Second World War and saw action in Suez in 1956.
It was last reformed to support operations in the Falkland Islands; the squadron also flew the Navy’s last Buccaneer, a low-level strike bomber flown in the 1960s and 1970s.

Admiral Zambellas said:
I am delighted to announce that the name of the second Lightning II squadron, when it forms, will be 809 Naval Air Squadron. This squadron number is chosen to link with and reflect the proud and distinguished history of embarked carrier strike, from the Second World War to the Falklands.
The early naming of 809 alongside the RAF’s 617 ‘Dambusters’ Squadron is a very visible demonstration of a joint ambition, spirit of collaboration and shared equity in the Joint Lightning Force.
When not at sea as part of the UK’s carrier strike force, the squadron will be based at RAF Marham in Norfolk. The joint nature of the squadrons means naval personnel will serve with the Dambusters, and their Air Force counterparts will do likewise on 809 Naval Air Squadron. (see for more information.

To read the full speech by the First Sea Lord to RUSI click here



Members of FAA Associations and members of the FNF around the country attended 'Associations of the FAA Sunday' on March 24th (Palm Sunday)

The ceremony was well attended and the pictures below of the ceremony were supplied by Alan Breward. Click on images to view full size.




Pictures of the FAABA Contingent taken by Mick Gowan at the Remembrance Day Ceremony in London on the 11th November and also the at the FAA Memorial afterwards.

It was excellent to see so many association members in London today on such a glorious Remembrance Day.  The gathering at the FAA Memorial on Embankment was a fine event once again.   

There was feedback about the long wait whilst associations gathered to march to Embankment, and whilst some waiting is inevitable at such an event it is unfortunate nonetheless.  This will be discussed at the next meeting, but overall I am sure an excellent day was had by all.

Attached are some poems written by the children of Windale Primary School, which sum things up very nicely.  Many thanks to the children, and to their Deputy Head Teacher Mrs Vicky Williams for bringing them to London to be shared with all.



Phil Carpenter

Secretary, Fly Navy Federation

Childrens Letters 1   Childrens Letters 2
Click on images and hyperlinks to view pictures and the childrens' letters

Ian "Pincher" Martin, a founder member of the Fleet Air Arm Buccaneer Association has passed away whilst on a visit to the north of Scotland. He was instrumental in setting up the Faaba website and encouraging ex Buccaneer squadron members to join the association.

Ian had suffered ill health for some time but after an improvement was looking forward to the reunion at Coventry this year and a chance to renew old friendships.


Ian was Buccaneer through & through having served on 736, 800, 803, 809 and the RN Unit at RAF Honington.

I'm sure we speak for all the Buccaneer people who knew Ian during his service in the Fleet Air Arm that he will be sadly missed.

A family-only funeral took place at Aberdeen Crematorium on Friday 27th May; the family have asked that any charitable donations are made out to the British Heart Foundation. We will also have a collection for the British Heart Foundation at the Coventry Reunion in June.


20 members of 845 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) are heading to Borneo 4-15 March to visit a memorial at Nanga Gaat, dedicated to comrades who fell there in the 1960s. A group of mixed ranks and rates will be taking off for a battlefield tour of Borneo as part of the squadron’s commitment to honouring their heritage, and as the finale to the 845 NAS 50th Anniversary celebrations of becoming a Commando helicopter squadron.  

For more information and detail of contacts please read or download the pdf file here


FAA Memorial Stone at the National Memorial Arboretum

Update on the FAA Memorial at the NMA 

Repairs: Paddy Clark (FAAOA) attended the last meeting of the FNF and gave a comprehensive brief on the completion of repairs to the frost-damage, and for detailing the proposals for the placement of logos and crests.  It has been decided to monitor the paintwork, which is ‘ageing’ as opposed to looking tatty.  Currently finance for the day-to-day upkeep of the memorial is not considered an issue, but this will continue to be monitored over the coming years.  

Logos and crests: A proposal for the placement of logos and crests was discussed, and a general plan for uniformity of design agreed in principle involving the placing of sandstone ‘paving’ stones separate from, but surrounding the memorial, with association logos and squadron crests sand-blasted on to individual stones.  This was closest to plan ‘B’ from the original 3 options and was agreed by the majority because it was cost-effective (requiring sandstone rather than expensive Portland stone), offered the greatest uniformity, excellent longevity, minimal maintenance, and the largest number of logos/crests to be placed (up to 78 initially, with room for expansion in the future).  Initial ground-works will need to be completed and blank sandstones placed.  The stones will then be removed by associations /squadrons for their specific logo/crest to be sandblasted on to before being formally ‘placed’.  Bronze plaques were discussed but considered too expensive due to each having to be individually cast.  

Funding for the ground-works needs to be found (cost approximately £8000) and, if all associations agree to assist, will be in the region of £750-£1000 per association Although it is a fairly large cost to bear it must be remembered that it is a memorial for the entire FAA that will last for many generations, and will be a great legacy to the generosity of the associations of the Federation.  Association representatives agreed to discuss this with their members at the first available opportunity, and to let the Secretary know the outcome and amount of funds willing to be added to the ‘pot’, in order that the ground-works can be started as soon as possible.  The FAAOA has generously agreed that once it is apparent that funds will be forthcoming from other associations it will underwrite the initial cost in order that work can begin – hopefully before the end of 2010.  Each sandstone block will then cost approximately £200 per association/squadron for (in due course) removal, sandblasting with logo/crest and final placement. We intend to raise this money from the raffle at our 2011 reunion but of course anyone who cannot make the reunion is welcome to send a donation to the Treasurer. 

The FAABA also will be launching an appeal for donations for the ground works in 2011, but we are also looking at the viability of holding a fund raising charity dinner at Yeovilton in 2011 which will be an open invite to any serving and ex FAA personnel. We have two ideas, one being the WO & SR Mess the other a dinner under Concorde at the FAA Museum.  Any feedback on support for either proposal most welcome. (see other article further down this page)


Service Personnel and Veterans Agency


The services of the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency is available to all former members of HM Armed Forces. Full details of the agency can be found on You can also call the free helpline on 0800 169 2277, send an Email to  or write to:


The Veterans Advice Team

Service Personnel and Veterans Agency

Tomlinson House




Best regards

Dave Clark

FN100 Newsletters

1st Newsletter 2nd Newsletter 3rd Newsletter 4th Newsletter 5th Newsletter



800 Squadron Aircraft Maintainers from 1970 - 1972 aboard HMS Eagle attended the recent FAABA 10th Reunion 40 years later to catch up and have a drink together (Click on images to see them full size)

1. Mario DeMarco, 2. Nigel Garbett, 3. Tony Wiffin, 4. Chris Walsh, 5. Dave Morgan, 6. Gary Perkins

FAABA Reunion Photographs 2010   Bruntingthorpe Photograhs 2010
More 800 Squadron Maintainers meet again

Alistair Gilbert and Allan (Jimmy) Green decided to recreate their pose of sitting on the edge of a Buccaneer cockpit previously carried out during HMS Eagle's Far East Tour during 1967/68.

Thanks go to Guy Hulme who supplied a Buccaneer at Bruntingthorpe on Saturday afternoon 19th June for the two friends to recreate the photo.

A Health & Safety risk assessment found they were too old to use the ladders without falling off so we had a platform provided.




All FAABA Members and Guests who attended the 10th Annual Reunion at the Royal Court Hotel at Coventry voted it a resounding success; many new faces were seen and found to be enjoying themselves. The price of drinks had risen to £2 a pint but even that was not enough to put a damper on the weekend as can be seen from the happy faces of drinkers in the photo below.

On the left are another group of happy faces (from the 'Happy Hermes' of 1967/68); these are some of the aircraft maintainers from the Fleet Air Arm's longest serving Buccaneer Squadron (809).

Taff Davis + Don Cockle Johnny Tuke + Mal Drinkwater

Left to Right: Jimmy Andrews, Johnny Tuke, Don Cockle, Alex Muir, Billy Boyd. Missing is Mal Drinkwater who must have been sent for the next round of drinks; he was definitely at the reunion having travelled from Texas two years running.


Three FAABA Members who joined up together at HMS Ganges in 1964 as part of Frobisher 781 Class also got together over the weekend to remember how long ago they had first met and to drink to 46 years as friends.

Left to Right: Jim Reynolds, Al McGurk, Phil Glover


Army versus Navy in action

27th April 2013 Army v Navy rugby match for the Babcock Trophy at Twickenham. Adults £20 Juniors £10 go to for details

For facebook users use the following link


If you are interested in how manufacturing of the new Aircraft Carriers is progressing the new 'Aircraft Carrier Alliance' website has images and videos that explains how they plan to manufacture and assemble each sub-assembly. Follow this link >>>>>>>
FAA contingent at the FAA Memorial on the Embankment
    Associations “parked up” prior to the march off
  A group of pictures taken by Alan Breward in London November 2011 at the Cenotaph and the FAA Memorial - click on the images to see larger versions




Peter Caird (the Half Brother of Midshipman Alexander J. Caird) has written to the RAF base at Lossiemouth giving further details about his life. He was the son of Alexander Peter Caird (an officer in the Royal Artillery) and Doris Jarvis Caird  (Both now deceased and previously divorced). The Midshipman was listed as Missing presumed killed whilst flying on the 24 June 1952 from HMS Fulmar. We still do not have any idea what the cup was awarded for although it was presented to RNAS Lossiemouth by Lt. Col. and Mrs G A Haward in memory of her son and his step-son. 



Further Research has now established the following details;

Pilot of 766 Squadron

Firefly Mk1 DK569

Flying from HMS Fulmar his aircraft crashed into the sea at Logey Head. Whilst carrying out a quarter attack he spun off a steep turn and failed to recover.


Chris Adams (Ex Lossie & 849HQ/B Flt) has passed on a story that appeared in the Northern Scot Newspaper  in January & February this year; has anyone heard of this cup?

Sergeant Tony Carlin, station historian at RAF Lossiemouth, is appealing for help to solve a puzzle. In November, a trophy arrived in the post in a package addressed to the station museum. There was no letter accompanying it, nor any information about who had sent it - the only information available was the inscription on the trophy and its name - the “Caird Challenge Cup”.

Sgt Carlin says: “I have done some research and found out that Midshipman Caird died in a flying incident at RNAS Lossiemouth in 1952; his plane crashed into the sea. But I don't know anything about The Caird Challenge Cup. If we could find out a bit more about the trophy we could decide if the cup should stay in the museum at RAF Lossiemouth. Also, it would be interesting to know who sent me the trophy.”

The trophy, which is silver and stands 22cm high, was sent in a package that was postmarked Thetford (Norfolk). The inscription on the lid reads: In memory of Midshipman A.J. Caird from his parents Lt Col & Mrs G.A. Haward and Family 24th June 1952.

On one side of the trophy is the inscription: The Caird Challenge Cup, RNAS Lossiemouth.

And on the reverse side is a list of recipients/winners from 1952 to 1962 including RAF Kinloss, Sgt Parsons, CPO Cox, CPO Moore and CPO Lillington RNSA.

Click here to view Article 1 & Article 2


Pictures by Alan Breward taken at the FAA Fixed Wing Reunion Dinner; click on a picture to enlarge




We have been asked to provide a plaque to commemorate the FAA Buccaneer Association that will probably be positioned on the memorial plinth and the FAABA have already donated £500 to help with this project, with further funding coming from the sale of whiskey. We are now asking for donations for the final phase which is the outer groundworks and siting of the stones. (updated, see article at top of this page)

Please send your donations to Dave Clark making the cheque payable to the FAABA and marking the reverse of the cheque 'Nat. Arboretum Fund'. If everyone in the Association sent £5 we would meet and exceed our target and send out a clear message of support to the FNF.

<-- Completed Monument on 11th September.


Thanks go to Alan & Vicky Breward for the pictures on the left of the completed memorial which were taken  after the dedication ceremony at the National Arboretum.

Click here to see recent other photos of the construction taking place


FAABA Members outside the Royal Court Hotel on Saturday 6th June. Another successful reunion was held with many new faces enjoying the Royal Court Hotel facilities on the Friday and Saturday. More details will be published over the next few days..... Pictures can be viewed by clicking on the button below

Reunion Pictures     View Video

Pictures from 2009 Reunion


A service of thanksgiving and remembrance was held on the morning of Friday 8th May 2009 at St Paul's Cathedral to commemorate One Hundred Years of Naval Aviation.  The service was open to anyone who had served with the Fleet Air Arm or who has/had close connections with the Service.  Alan Breward attended this event and has made some pictures available..............

Click here to view a selection




The Swordfish Centenary Beer was launched in London on Wednesday 20th May and is now on draught in Weatherspoons and in bottles at Tesco, Please see attached image of Swordfish Beer... the bottle has changed (it is bigger now) and the label is slightly larger with more Fairey Swordfish on it. A portion of the profits goes to the Heritage Trust so get drinking with a clear conscience. A launch of FN100 stamps was also made available from the launch date.



This event will be held at The Limes Country Lodge, Earlswood (just off the M42) on Saturday 17th November, Up Spirits at 1830. The Black Tie event is held at the premises of one of our members, Dave (Birdie) Morris with all proceeds going to Service Charities. Last years event was a fantastic night out with a packed entertainment package from comedy to music with a casino and late night dancing for “The Stayers”!!! The association has booked two tables of 10 so first names received will get the tickets.

For those of you who did not attend the Elgin Reunion this year why not come to the Limes Charity Ball instead.

Those who wish to attend this excellent Ball please give their expression of interest to either Les Smith, Dave Clark  or Brian Stanley. We have provisionally booked two tables.

Picture from the 2011 ball




Presentation of an Engraved Bell to the WO & SNCO’s Mess HMS Fulmar

Dave Clark, the secretary of the FAABA, returned to the WO & SNCO Mess on the 23rd July 2008 and presented WO Dianne McLeish, the CMC, with a beautiful brass hand bell as a thank you to the mess for allowing them to hold this memorable function here. Dave once again acknowledged that the mess had been excellent hosts for the evening and the members of the association had been delighted at having the opportunity to return to RAF Lossiemouth after such a long period. Mr Hughie Williams the Chairman, of the recently reformed HMS Fulmer Association also attended the presentation. The CMC rang the bell to celebrate its arrival and to signal “Toofers” before placing it behind the Top Bar (the old Petty Officers Mess) where hopefully it will be rung many more times by the members of the mess

Dave Clark, Diana McLeish (CMC RAF Lossiemouth) and Hughie Williams




Have you thought of providing help to keep the Historic Flight Airborne by joining the Fly Navy Heritage Trust?

For £25 a year (you can donate more) you will become a member and have access to a number of benefits including substantially reduced entry fees to the FAA Museum. Interested? read the leaflet attached here

 You even get reduced price entry to Yeovilton Air Day.





A selection of pictures provided by Mick Gowen taken whilst the contingent awaited their turn to march past the Cenotaph




The Fleet Air Arm Museum currently have a project underway to rebuild a Fairey Barracuda from a pile of damaged parts and other items recovered from crash sites over the years. There is no example of this aircraft anywhere as all examples have been destroyed with no survivors. As Captain Eric Brown says;

“Here is news to stir all naval aviators, a Fairey Barracuda is to be restored to rise phoenix-like form the wrecks of others. The once prolific Barra – some 2,600 were built by the Fairey, Blackburn, Boulton Paul and Westland factories for the Fleet Air Arm, where the aircraft received a mixed reception. It was never a pleasing sight in flight, and a positive eyesore when in the landing configuration. However, to be fair to the Barra it was not all bad news, for although it did not perform at all well in the torpedo-dropping role, it could lay claim to being an effective dive-bomber. Most indisputable of all, it was the easiest aeroplane to land on an aircraft carrier, and so with the help of rocket assistance, for take-off. It was able to operate from small carriers and give valuable anti-submarine protection to convoys in the Battle of the Atlantic. All in all, a welcome will await this orphan of the storms when it finally re-appears as the only one of its type in the world.”

  -Captain Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown, CBE, DSC, AFC, MA, Hon FRAeS, RN

The Buccaneer Association would like to publicise this to help bring it to the attention of all who could donate funds to the project, regardless of how little that is.


How it looks now

How it could look like (with TLC)

How to donate?

Donate online via the Just Giving website page at

Need more information? Use these links;

To download a poster to help publicise this Click Here


Here are some recent pictures released by the Aircraft Carrier Alliance of HMS Queen Elizabeth hurriedly being prepared for her naming ceremony at Rosyth on the 4th July, 2 of these are CGI but I'm sure you can spot them.


Click on mini-images to view full size


The culmination of John Keenan's 3 years of hard work in New Zealand building his own aircraft, whilst the rest of us were down the pub he was getting energy from somewhere. For those who don't know John he was on 801 Buccaneer Squadron at an early stage of his career.


We are sorry to announce the passing of Derek Wain ex EA1(A) who Crossed the Bar at the end of August after suffering from Motor Neuron Disease. Derek never served on a Buccaneer squadron (he was a Vixen, Phantom & Sea Harrier Engineer) but he was well known aboard the Ark Royal as he lived in 4R0 Mess with 809 Squadron. Quite a few who later served on the SHAR will also know Derek from his time on the Sea Harrier Project between 1975 & 1979 and later when he served on 800 or 801.



Sea Fury VX281 Model Offer


Clevelands Diecast have worked with Sky Guardians to produce an excellent diecast 1/72 scale model of Sea Fury T20 VX281.


The Fly Navy box has been signed by pilot Lt Cdr Chris Götke AFC RN - known as ‘Goatie’ to his friends.


The model is assembled, painted and features:


-          Moving propeller

-          Lowered and locked undercarriage

-          Display Stand


We only have a limited number of these specially signed ones available. They can be obtained at for £37 including postage and packaging in the UK. Help support the Royal Navy Historic Flight and get this mighty aircraft back into the sky.


Please phone the FNHT on 01935 842005 whilst stocks last.



A relative of  ex POEL(A) Leslie Biffen L/FX 931517 who was based at HMS Fulmar at one time is trying to contact him. If anyone knows Les Biffen and is available to help please contact Dave Clark at the email address at the bottom of this page.



It is with deep regret that I have to inform you all that Joycelyn (Joy to all of us) Stanley, wife and soul mate of our Chairman Brian has Crossed the Bar following her battle with Lymphoma

Her funeral service will be held on Friday 30th October, 1300 for 1345 start at Street Parish Church (on Strode Road) followed by a committal service at Yeovil Crematorium. Brian and his family invite you to join them in a celebration of her life at the funeral services and afterwards at the Unity Club, Street for refreshments.

Donations will be shared between Ward 9 Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton and other charities yet to be nominated.

Joy was herself a former Leading Wren who served on Wessex & Sea King helicopter Squadrons in the 1970's at Yeovilton & Culdrose. RIP Joy, you will be sadly missed by all who knew you.

Picture of Joy helping with the Raffle at the Market Bosworth Reunion in 2015


John & Wendy Stevenson at the 2014 Reunion

The association has been informed that one of our long serving members John Stevenson, has Crossed the Bar. John passed away at 1.30am this morning (12th January 2016); John who lived in Nottingham has been struggling lately and he is thought to have died of heart failure.

John as PO

Bruntingthorpe 2006 (John far right)

John & Wendy at 2014 Market Bosworth Reunion

John's funeral has been arranged at Bramcote Crematorium for 10:15am on Friday 29th January. (Coventry Lane, Beeston, Bramcote, Nottinghamshire, NG9 3GJ) and afterwards the wake is at the Broad Oak Pub at Strelley.



The FAABA Reunion will be held from Friday 2nd June until Sunday 4th June at the Royal Court Hotel near Coventry (CV7 8JG). 

The Association are inviting all Ark Royal and other carrier Air Groups (any commission) as well as the 892 & SHAR Associations to the reunion who wish to attend.  

Prices: (all prices per person)


3 Nights (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) 150
2 Nights (Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun) 120
1 Night (Saturday Only) 80
Thursday night prior (if required) 50
Friday Carvery (non hotel guests) 18
Sat Gala Dinner (non hotel guests) 25


Entertainment will be provided by the Royal Marine Association Dance Band & Singers.

To cover the cost of the superior music provided at the Gala Dinner; a one off charge of £10 will be levied on all guests including members. Any shortfall will be met from association funds.

The usual one-off charge of £10 for pre-dinner drinks will be levied on all persons attending except Full and Life Members of the association. This covers Friday & Saturday night's.

Drink Prices (Our Bar Only):

2.50 House Wine, Bitter, 2 types of Lager, Cider
3.00 Guinness
Due to a change in policy by the Britannia Hotel Group, all hotel bookings have to be made direct with them using the attached booking form; please print it out then complete it and scan it. On completion email it to the hotel using the address given on the form (or put it in the post). For your security, the form requires you to pay by cheque or Credit Card only (No debit cards), you type/write in only the first four and last 4 digits of your credit card number. When the hotel receives the form they will email or write to you for the other numbers on the credit card to complete the transaction. I asked Brian Sharrock (Event's Organizer) if the hotel could confirm that the card details would not be used until two months prior to the event and this is the answer I received. “I have spoken to the Royal Court Hotel this morning ref question raised by Phil on payments for reunion, the hotel say that once they receive the booking form they contact the guest and ask them if they want to pay up front or if they want payment made 8 weeks prior to event (2-April). As for cancellation they will give full refund up to 48hrs before the event.”

Once a month we will receive details of bookings from the hotel and we will prepare a list of members and guests attending. If possible would all those attending inform Brian Sharrock at with details of their booking.

We will send out a form nearer to the event to all those attending with details of payment required to the association for pre-dinner drinks and for the RMA Dance Band.